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December 6, 2014

MABC Christmas Party

by Sheena Cook
When I volunteered to cover the MABC Christmas party on December 16th, I thought I would be playing the role of the ‘fly on the wall’ journalist. I had envisioned myself quietly observing the event, casually noting the scene and its players on the notebook in my evening bag, and mingling when the opportunity best presented itself. However, upon arriving at the event’s address, I found myself standing outside of a beautifully restored apartment building in a cozy Shaughnessy neighbourhood rather than at a party “space.” Knowing now that I was about to enter someone’s home, I felt extremely reluctant to expose my inexperience to an intimate gathering of tried and tested writing professionals; the green I saw myself to be wearing was not a reflection of the Christmas spirit. Lucky for me, the members and collaborators of the MABC do not bite, and I was welcomed to join a lovely holiday gathering that was executed with an easy air.
The party was made possible through the combined efforts of Elizabeth Bachinsky and Jenn Farrell, who created a charming holiday ambiance for their guests. The affair was catered by SFU’s Out to Lunch, and the fabulous food was well complimented by a homemade mulled wine and eggnog. I had proposed to ask all of the party goers their New Year’s resolutions when the assignment was given, but this seemed a bit of an imposing query half way through December. Most conversation was centered on the headaches and successes of the current projects at hand, whether they were work or Christmas-related.
Although I didn’t find out what resolutions might be carrying the people of the MABC collective into the New Year, I saw a group of people who are well versed in managing a constant whirlwind of obstacles and all sorts of hindrance in their day-to-day routines. This holiday celebration reflected that in this industry, it’s nice to take a moment from the hustle and bustle of creating meaningful forms of community and communication, and simply enjoy those things in real time. The magazine industry may not be a place where a singular note of resolve could be held steadfast, as the work being done is carried out in a community of individuals all hoping to make the very best from the efforts of the whole.

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