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December 5, 2014


Canadian Mass Media (CMMI)

A large Canadian magazine wholesaler. Includes the subsidiaries Metro News, NewsWest and Benjamin News. ¶

Certified Folder Display Service Canada, Inc.

North America's largest professional travel brochure distribution and display service, with over 21,000 visitor information display racks on location throughout Western and Central United States and Western Canada.  Will also take magazines. ¶

CoMag Marketing Group

A distribution and marketing service run by the Jim Pattison Group (previously jointly owned by Hearst and Condé Nast). ¶


A large Canadian national distributor and marketing consultant group. ¶


A Canadian national distributor specializing in foreign titles. ¶

Magazines Canada

A national association of Canadian magazine publishers. Includes magazine listings, resources, professional development, job boards and distribution services. ¶

Monahan Agency

A book and magazine distributor managing retail outlets in the interior of British Columbia. ¶

Small Press Distribution

A U.S.-based non-profit distribution service specializing in literary and niche books and periodicals. ¶

Source Interlink

An established U.S.-based distribution and marketing service; acquired Chas. Levy Circulating Company in 2005. ¶

Take Back the Rack

A 2003 report on Canadian newsstand distribution, compiled by Abacus Circulation for the Department of Canadian Heritage. (Note: an excellent general resource, however, some industry information may have changed since the release of this report.) ¶

The News Group

A large Canadian magazine and book wholesaler (holding 50% of the market), based in British Columbia and part of the Pattison Group of Companies. ¶

Thinkbox National Marketing Inc.

A boutique experiential marketing agency, specializing in street teams, event planning, promotions, and guerrilla marketing. Offices located across Canada.  Does door to door delivery as well. ¶

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