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December 6, 2014

Industry Research and Initiatives

Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing

A teaching, research and information centre for Canadian and international book and magazine publishing. Based at Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre in Vancouver. ¶

Canadian Magazine Industry Trends

A collection of research materials provided by Magazines Canada, including comparisons of Canadian and U.S. magazines and U.S. magazine spill into Canada. ¶

Canadian Periodical Publishing Statistics

Statistics Canada tables on periodical publishing. ¶

Fast Facts: How Magazine Advertising Works

A report on reader response to magazine ads and methods to to effectively use the medium. Prepared by Periodical Publishers Association and hosted by Magazines Canada. ¶

Listing of Advertising Research

More studies, research, surveys and reports on magazine advertising. Hosted by Magazines Canada. ¶

Magazine Case Studies

A report listing case studies and testimonials of the effectiveness of magazine advertising. Compiled and hosted by Magazines Canada. ¶

Magazine Financial Ratios - Expenses

A breakdown of average departmental expense ratios for Canadian magazines. ¶

Magazine Financial Ratios - Revenue

A breakdown of average departmental revenue ratios for Canadian magazines. ¶

Magazine Reader Experience Study

A 2003 study of consumers' experience with magazine reading. Prepared by the American Society of Magazine Editors and hosted by Magazines Canada. ¶

Magazines in a Mix

Magazines Canada's collection of analyses and research materials examining the effectiveness of mixed-media advertising, known as "the multiplier effect." ¶

Periodically Yours: Magazines of British Columbia

Created in 2002 by Dr. Rowland Lorimer, Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing. An overview and economic snapshot of the BC magazine publishing industry in 2002. Produced by the Magazine Association of BC. ¶

PPA : Marketing

Research & Case Studies conducted by the Professional Publishers Association. ¶

Print Measurement Bureau

A Canadian organization that produces a syndicated study of single-source data on print readership, non-print media exposure, product usage and lifestyles. ¶

Publications Mail Analysis 2006

A report by Michael J. Fox, Vice-President, Circulation and Development for Rogers Publishing, on the Canada Post financial statements (prepared for Magazines Canada). Fox's analysis shows that CPC earns a 32% margin on magazine delivery.

Report to Access Copyright on Distribution of Royalties.

Written by Martin L. Friedland, of the University of Toronto on the subject of copyright policies and the work of Access Copyright. ¶

Simultaneous Media Usage White Paper

A 2003 U.S. survey and report on simultaneous media usage and its effect on message absorption. Prepared by BIG Research and hosted by Magazines Canada. ¶

The Heterogenous World of BC Magazines

This report examines the magazine publishing industry in British Columbia in 2005 with an eye to advising the industry, the British Columbia government, and the federal government on how the industry might be strengthened.  It also updates some financial and publishing statistics that were collected and presented in Periodically Yours: Magazines of British Columbia. ¶

The Summative Evaluation of the Publications Assistance Program

"This report presents the findings of the Summative Evaluation of the Department of CanadianHeritage’s Publications Assistance Program, completed in winter, 2005."Evaluation Services, Corporate Review Branch, Department of Canadian Heritage.Published June 22, 2005. ¶

Warc (World Advertising Research Center)

A database of research and trends of use to advertising and media professionals. ¶

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