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December 6, 2014

Management Resources

Benchmarks, Job Descriptions, Salaries and Industry Tips

Important research and advice for new magazine publishers. ¶


Resources, contacts, statistics and industry standards from Canadian Advertising Rates and Data. ¶

Code of Reader & Advertiser Engagement

The Advertising-Editorial Guidelines for editorial integrity and advertising standards and practices. Developed in 2010 by a Magazines Canada national task force, the guidelines were repositioned in January 2012 to become the Code of Reader & Advertiser Engagement. ¶

GST/HST Information for Non-Profits

A Canada Revenue Agency guide to GST/HST for non-profit organizations. ¶

Keeping Records : Fulfillment for Small Magazines in Canada.

This report contains topics specifically for small magazines, such as:Subscription fulfillment in large magazines vs. small magazines; Small-circulation magazines have unique requirements; Basic requirements for fulfillment software; Problems caused by inadequate fulfillment systems; Development stages of fulfillment systems; The baseline fulfillment requirements of small Canadian magazines; Keeping Readers report recommendations ¶

Marketing Basics

A free online workshop for new small businesses in Canada. Focusses on the basics of marketing and on starting a business in general. ¶

Non-Profit FAQs

Some answers to frequently asked questions about non-profit and charitable organizations, from Charity Central. ¶

Primer for Directors of Not-For-Profit Organizations

An Industry Canada guide to rules and best practices for non-profit organizations. ¶

Search Instructions for Print Measurement Bureau

Advice from the SFU Library for conducting searches on the Print Measurement Bureau database. ¶

SFU Library Publishing Resources

A listing of publishing resources, books and journals held by the Simon Fraser University library. ¶

Industry Directory

View and add your listing to the Industry Directory