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December 5, 2014

Related Organizations

Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists

Listing and representing professional editorial cartoonists in Canada. ¶

Canadian Association of Journalists

A national association and service organization for journalists from print, web, radio and television. ¶

Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications

Listing and representing Canadian photographers and illustrators. Includes provincial chapters. ¶

Canadian Authors Association

A national peer-based association of writers. ¶

Canadian Farm Writers Federation

Listing and representing Canadian agricultural journalists. ¶

Canadian Science Writers Association

Listing and representing Canadian science journalists, and working to increase awareness of science in Canadian culture. ¶

Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers

A group of professionals in the field of children's culture with members from all parts of Canada. ¶

Exceptional Women in Publishing (EWIP)

A U.S.-based community organization for women in magazine publishing and circulation management. ¶

Federation of B.C. Writers

An association and service organization for writers in British Columbia. ¶

Graphic Designers of Canada

An association and resource group for graphic designers in Canada. ¶

Indexing Society of Canada

An association formed to promote the recognition of indexers and abstractors and to inform the indexing community. ¶

League of Canadian Poets

An association of poets working to promote the arts in Canada. ¶

Literary Press Group of Canada

An association of literary book publishers which acts as a media buying agency for its members. ¶

Media Awareness Network

An organization that promotes media awareness. Includes resources for youth and adult media education and Internet literacy. ¶

National Association of Major Mail Users

Representing the interests of major mailers by promoting the growth of the Canadian mailing industry and working for an efficient postal system. ¶

Professional Writers Association of Canada

A national association of professional writers. Formerly known as the Periodical Writers of Canada. ¶

PWAC - B.C. Chapters

Local chapters of the Professional Writers Association of Canada are established in the B.C. Interior, as well as Victoria and Vancouver. ¶

Society of Graphic Designers of Canada

Listing and representing Canadian design professionals, educators and students. ¶

Technical Association of the Graphic Arts

A global professional technical association for the graphic arts industries. ¶

The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies

A U.S. association representing companies which manufacture or distribute equipment, software and supplies printing and publishing. ¶

Writers Union of Canada

A national organization which brings writers together for the advancement of their collective interests. ¶

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