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Danielle Cunningham

Danielle Cunningham

Secretary, Board of Directors

Danielle Cunningham is a professional editor, freelance copywriter and marketing professional. Danielle is the founder of Compel Communications, a boutique full-service marketing agency specializing in content creation, campaign management, media relations and marketing strategy. Previously, Danielle was the marketing manager at The Westin Bayshore Hotel, and she contributed to Where Vancouver, where she also served as editorial assistant in 2017.

Danielle graduated from Vancouver Island University in 2016 with a BA in Business and Journalism, focusing on marketing and publishing. She was managing editor for Portal 2016, writing a cover feature on Canadian Editor Douglas Gibson, and was the literary magazine’s business and advertising manager the year prior.

Danielle was awarded the Myrtle Bergren Creative Writing Award in 2016 and the Barry Broadfoot Creative Non-Fiction Award in 2015. She served as marketing manager for the Gustafson Lecture Series in 2015, and contributed to The Navigator campus newspaper and Incline digital magazine.