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EPISODE 1: In Your Own Voice: Anti-Oppressive Editorial

andrea bennett talks to host Asna Shaikh about making content more inclusive through anti-oppressive copy-editing. Jesse Winter reads an excerpt from his article “Photographing Beyond ‘Needle-in-Puddle'” about the dangers of dehumanizing imagery in news stories and discusses the current state of photojournalism. Sylvia Skene summarizes CPF’s Business Innovation funding program and magazine industry trends.


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Arts & Culture

The Missing Penguins

Investigative story on the disappearance of the penguins in Antarctica, by Raghav (detective), age 12. Illustrated by Reska Nasution. From BAZOOF! Magazine, issue 77, February 2022

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A mature man and woman dancing
Lifestyle & Leisure

Sex and Dementia

Q and A with Dementia, Sex and Wellbeing author Danuta Lipinska. By Jennifer Prescott for Dementia Connections

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