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John Milne

Areas of expertise: financial planning and finances; business management; sales planning, including prospects, tracking, allocating sales resources; allocating editorial resources with limited funds; audience development, databases; CASL compliance; niche magazines

John Milne has more than thirty years of experience in building high-value audiences around engaging and relevant content in a variety of business sectors, and hands-on leadership experience with some of Canada’s largest and most successful B2B brands, including The Medical Post, L’actualite medicale, Benefits Canada and Marketing.

John led the evolution of these and other brands across multiple platform; effectively managed growth through brand extensions, acquisitions, launches and revenue diversification; and developed new revenue streams with research, conferences, events and custom publishing.


  • Identifying and meeting the needs of high-value niche audiences
  • Building and sustaining reader engagement
  • Conceiving and implementing communications plans across multiple platforms
  • Building competitive distinctions, sales and market share for advertisers/sponsors
  • Utilizing research and face-to-face events to create reader & sponsor value
  • Team building and leadership