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Tom Henry, editor, Small Farm Canada

Tom Henry photographed in fieldSO: What kind of educational background or life experiences led you to a career in publishing? 

TH: I was a freelance writer and author for 12 years before getting into publishing. It was a natural transition.

SO: What do you love about publishing? 

TH: Being around creative people. The juice of deadlines. Dealing with lots of interesting and always-changing information.

SO: Do you have any advice for aspiring editors or those pursuing a career in the publishing? 

TH: Learn to think like a businessperson.

SO: What are some of the challenges you face working as an editor and how do you overcome them? 

TH: Dealing with lots of people is both a joy and a challenge. I’ve learned the most from other editors and from my own mistakes.

SO: Do you have any favourite magazines? What topics to you enjoy reading about the most? 

TH: The New Yorker. I like science articles and profiles.

SO: How do you envision the Internet and the digital era influencing the future of magazine publishing?  Do you find social media a useful promotional tool? 

TH: Not yet sure about social media, at least from a publishing point of view. The Internet is here to stay so we are working on folding it in the whole world of publishing.

SO: What would you like to see happen in the Canadian magazine industry? 

TH: Stay strong. As the economy grows there may actually be opportunities for more trade publications with a Canadian focus.

SO: Any inspirational quotes, anecdotes, words of wisdom? 

TH: Be prepared to be lucky.


[Small Farm Canada website here.]

~~posted by Sadie Olchewski, Langara Library & Information Technology student for MagsBC.