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Connect to the information, tools and strategies that help magazine professionals like you realize their full potential.
These programs are dependent on funding.

Internship Subsidy Program

Since 2010, MagsBC has subsidized dozens of internships at a variety of member magazines, making it easier for publishers and staff to bring in new talent, get some much-needed support for their operations, and help develop the next generation of publishing professionals. 

As of May 2024, we are calling for applications for internships running between May 2024 and February 2025.

Magazine Coach Program

MagsBC pairs “coaches”, experts in a particular area, with member magazines for a half-day consultation.

Participating magazines pay a fee toward the consultation, however, we do our best to make this affordable to lower barriers.

In addition, members can apply for a 6-month, 6-session consultation with Katahdin Media Management, a team with significant experience in magazine publishing.

As of May 2024, we are calling for applications for both the 6-month and 1/2 day consultations between now and February 28, 2025.

Professional Development

Since its inception, the Magazine Association of BC has offered relevant and timely professional development seminars and webinars at various times during the year to complement its Magazines West Conference.

The MagsWest Conference will return November 22, 2024 with professional development sessions, workshops, and other programming.

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Join a network of British Columbia magazine publishers, professionals and volunteers working together to strengthen the BC publishing industry by creating new opportunities for professional development, access to resources and knowledge sharing for its members.