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Commitment to Inclusivity

The Magazine Association of BC is committed to encouraging inclusivity, diversity, accountability and accessibility.

With the assistance of Oakley Ramprashad, Bakau Consulting, members of the MagsBC board were able to present the MagsBC Member Code of Conduct at the 2022 AGM July 14. The Code was approved unanimously.
Our Code lays out the expectation of inclusivity and respect at all MagsBC and member events, unacceptable behaviours, accountability and call-ins, and interventions and actions the association may take in response to escalating or unsafe behaviours.
The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) and the Magazine Association of BC (MagsBC) partnered September 2020 to August 2021 to administer a Canada-wide survey January to March 2021 on diversity, inclusion and equity in the magazine industry and evaluate the results.

These have been summarized and reported on by Zenev and Associates:

You can find more information here, as well as a link to request the full survey report.

We offered two workshops in 2019 in concert with the Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) in Vancouver and Victoria on May 23 and 24. The code of conduct from the workshops is here.

We are committed to having more diversity in our programming and speakers at our professional development and our MagsWest conference (planned for Nov. 22, 2024). See below and on our YouTube channel for some of these sessions.

We have resource sections on such subjects as accountability, diversity, disability, mental health, appropriation, and harassment, and are always adding links and the occasional new section.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Writers Guild of America West’s Inclusion and Equity webpage.