Commitment to Inclusivity

The Magazine Association of BC is committed to encouraging inclusivity, diversity, accountability and accessibility.

We offered two workshops in concert with the Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) in Vancouver and Victoria on May 23 and 24, 2019. The code of conduct from the workshops is here.

We are committed to having more diversity in our programming and speakers at our MagsWest conference. See below and on our YouTube channel for some of these sessions.

The ABPBC's member code of conduct is here.

We have created 9 new resource sections based on the bibliography produced as part of these workshops, from accountability to diversity, disability to appropriation and harassment. See below the videos or visit our resources here.

If you're interested in learning more, check out the Writers Guild of America West's list of Industry Inclusion and Equity Writing Programs, Conferences and Festivals

Some of our more recent videos:

MagsBC presents “Inclusive Magazine Publishing: Barriers and Strategies for Writers and Publishers” (Sept 2016)
Building Good Relationships With BIPOC Writers - Phoebe Wang (Mar 2019)
Stealing Someone Else's Voice by Ijeoma Oluo (Oct 2017)

“On Equity and Inclusion” by Lėonicka Valcius (Nov 2016)

Making Your Website More Accessible by Devon Persing (Oct 2017)

Race, Culture, and the Gatekeepers of Language by Ijeoma Oluo (Oct 2017)

Resisting 'CanLit' | West Coast Indigenous Writers (Sept 2017)


Don't know the best resources to inform yourself? We can help. We have compiled a variety of resources in the following areas:

If you have a suggestion for additional resources, please contact Sylvia Skene, Executive Director, MagsBC


Check back here for news about upcoming initiatives offered by the Magazine Association of BC.