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We’ve interviewed some of the terrific people who work at our BC member magazines about how they got into publishing and what it’s like. Feel free to suggest other people to profile here.
Geist 118 Lost Steps cover cropped

Job: Editor, Geist

Hybrid position based in Vancouver, BC: 30 hours/week, $40,563/year, includes extended health & dental, 4 weeks paid vacation, paid sick days, mental health days, monthly menstrual leave days, professional development budget

Room 44.4 cover - cropped

Job: Marketing Intern, Room Magazine

$17.50/hour + 12% in lieu of benefits, 20 hours/week, 16 weeks (Sept-Dec 2022). This position is open to women (cis and trans), trans men, Two Spirit, and nonbinary folks. BIPOC applicants will be prioritized.

Escape from Pale Blue Dot 2

―天文学新時代の幕開け― Dawn of a new era in astronomy ―Images taken after traveling 1.6 million kilometers have been released. By Fraser Monthly, Aug. 2022 Special Feature

Zoologist George McGavin and oceanologist Helen Czerski aboard a research vessel on the North Sea with a wind farm in the background

Ocean Autopsy

Oceanographer Helen Czerski and zoologist George McGavin reveal the startling ways that humans are changing our seas…K: Magazine, May/June 2022 p. 17

Flamenco dancer Paula Rodriguez in red dress and shawl dancing on stage at Cardamomo, Madridwith musicians in the background

The Tablao: Where flamenco dancers are made

People come to Spain from all over the world to witness authentic flamenco in the iconic performance space known as the tablao. By Bridgit Lujan for Dance International, June 7, 2022

An elderly couple smiling at each other while dancing in their kitchen

Keep Dance in Mind

Dancing can keep your brain healthy longer. People are inspired to dance for all kinds of reasons. By Jennifer Dorozio for Dementia Connections, May 4, 2021

Portrait of Ben Routledge in a safety vest at right front of image with light industrial landscape behind him

Trash talk!

A world of garbage. “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” By Kerith Waddington for TAKE 5, April 2022

Detail view of a Huglu HRZ Turkish shotgun on a black and red checkered wool shirt or coat

Huglu HRZ: Affordable Doubles

Over the course of the past few years, the Canadian gun market has been absolutely inundated with Turkish shotguns. By Daniel Fritter for Calibre, March 12, 2020

Head and shoulder portrait of Ade Adepitan in a forest in eastern Australia after a devastating bush fire had passed through

Climate Change

Climate change is impacting the world in ways we’ve never seen before. A 3-part series on Knowledge Network. By Adi Adepitan. Began May 31, 2022

Soft overcast light, shallow depth-of-field, on bare huckleberry branches horizontally across picture plane with one dried-up berry backlit by a circle of light in the background

Healing with Words

“When my son was born, I experienced a traumatic childbirth during which I almost died…” By Angela Douglas for WordWorks, 2021 Vol. III.

Frontal view of two women pilots in coveralls standing beside a twin prop plane, each with a hand on the fuselage.

What It’s Like to Decolonize the Sky

Métis pilot Teara Fraser is the first Indigenous woman to own and operate her own airline in Canada. By Alyssa Hirose for Vancouver Magazine, Jan 24, 2022

Blue album cover with the words RANGE and Indie Karma on the left panel and a guitarist playing with one arm up in the air

Indie Karma

Indie Karma: Check out one of RANGE magazine’s curated playlists! This playlist contains 40 songs. Listen on Spotify

Bird's eye view of water channel with green, forested land and small island in left foreground

The Ugly Side of “Beautiful Fish”

A recent proposal of 5 fish farms leaves little hope for reconciliation… By Desiree Mannila for Watershed Sentinel , Dec. 16, 2021 — ugly side of beautiful fish

Upward view of a blue sky with white clouds, blooming spring trees in the lower foreground

A dozen ways to stay calm and keep writing

In early 2020, I found myself in the cool slipstream of writing flow. A channel was open, and I was swimming in new ideas and stories. By Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho for WordWorks, 2021 Vol. III

View of forest floor showing moss, decaying leaves, and in the middle, Methusalah's beard (Usnea longissima) lichen

The Wondrous World of Lichen

Wildwood Ramble: There is an organism alive today that is older than the dinosaurs, has survived the mass extinction…by K. Brauckmann for TAKE 5, May 2022

EVENT front cover 50 2 detail

Job: Assistant Editor, EVENT Magazine

Regular part-time (25-29 hours/week) starting Sept. 19, 2022. $25.03/hour to start. Douglas College, New Westminster campus. M-F 9-5 with occasional shifts evenings/weekends, at Coquitlam campus. Modified/flexible/hybrid work may be considered.

Altered found object of a figurine of John A. MacDonald with a rope encased in plastic

Reason for Passion

“I am conflicted about the recent vandalism and destruction of colonial statues and churches in Northern Turtle Island.” By David Garneau for Rungh, Vol. 8, No. 4

Author photo of Emily Chan smiling and standing in front of a blooming magnolia tree

Love Letter to a Vancouver Special

When I move in, I worry I’ll find ghosts: not only the spirits of my ngin-ngin and yeh-yeh, but the spectres of other things lost to time. By Emily Chan for Room, Issue 45.1

Looking up at structural underside of large concrete bridge (Granville Street Bridge north side) with "Spinning Chandelier" sculpture by Rodney Graham

Summer Days in the City

…going out for a walk around the city is crucial for my mental health and well-being. By Catherine Sohit for LINK Magazine, June 1, 2022

three cross-country skiers moving on a wide, open, snow-covered path through a forested area

Forest Breathing

Western Canada’s winter forests are a perfect place to recharge and restore yourself. By Marla Barr for ZenSeekers, December 22, 2021

high-resolution mycelium network, green and blue, root-like with bright green dots, black background

Mapping the Fungal Underground

Underground fungal networks are one of the biggest untapped levers in climate science…fungal mapping and climate change…By Watershed Sentinel staff, February 28, 2022

cover of Gavin Larson book, kneeling ballerina with hands stretched overhead and flowing long hair, rose-coloured dress

From Being a Ballerina

“I was lucky enough to sustain only two fractures during my career, but oddly, both were to my ribs.” The rib-cracking episode…From Being a Ballerina by Gavin Larson for DI

Young woman with red hair sitting casually on a ledge with buildings behind her


A new app focused on disability inclusion lends a helping hand to people looking for connection. By YAM – about NOMI app creator, Christie Faye Collins.

Viking boat in silhouette on water against mountain backdrop

The Medicine of Belief

Before the existence of germ theory and the discovery of viruses, people in the past found different explanations… By Terje Oestigaard for Culturally Modified, Dec. 21, 2020, Issue 9