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Magazine Coach Program

Helping Your Magazine Perform To Its Highest Potential

About the Program

Participants of this program have overwhelmingly given their consultants top marks, judging that their time and money was well spent and that the consultation and coach made a significant positive impact on their magazine.

90-Minute multiple-month consultations

MagsBC still has funding for up to two subsidized consultations (six 90-minute consultations total) for mid-November 2023 to mid-March 2024 with Katahdin Media Management.

The member magazine contributes $350 toward the cost of the consultation (a small magazine may pay $175) and we use this contribution to leverage the funding for this program.

To apply, please fill out this form and submit to Sylvia Skene, Executive Director, MagsBC.

Half-day consultations

In brief

MagsBC pairs coaches, consultants with relevant expertise, with each magazine’s staff and/or publisher for a half-day consultation. The member asks for a coach to assist with a specific issue or initiative (it can be pretty much anything, but should be as specific and focused as possible), and members pay a contribution towards costs, fill out a pre-consultation survey, and receive recommendations from the coach.

The details:

Half-day session: applying and participating

MagsBC accepts applications from member magazines for half-day consultations on a rolling basis. We then arrange for an expert to meet with the publisher and/or senior staff to help them improve in a targeted area such as business management or editorial workflow.


  1. A member magazine contact – the publisher or senior staff member – must identify a specific area their magazine needs the greatest help in. Please do not choose more than one area for a consultation
  2. The contact emails the application to the executive director at
  3. If accepted, the executive director gets in touch with the magazine contact identified on the application to discuss one or more possible coaches and identify the best one for its needs
  4. The executive director recruits the coach for the consultation, either the one identified, or a substitution if that person is not available or feels they aren’t a good fit
  5. The executive director sends the magazine an invoice for its contribution toward the consultation costs
  6. Once the invoice is paid, the executive director connects the magazine staff with the coach and sends the magazine a pre-consultation survey
  7. The magazine’s staff and the coach negotiate a date to meet, ideally within 2 weeks of being connected
  8. The publisher or other person with the most understanding of the issues and the magazine fills out the pre-consultation survey at least 3 days before the consultation and forwards it to the coach and the executive director in confidence, as well as confirming the consultation date and time
  9. After receiving the survey, the coach has a short (up to half an hour) informal discussion via phone or online with the contact to discuss the focus of the consultation and other details
  10. The publisher and/or senior/relevant staff meet with the coach for a half-day consultation
  11. The coach sends the contact a 1-2 page summary of the consultation with a list of recommendations for the magazine, ideally within a week of the consultation
  12. The coach invoices the Magazine Association of BC, including the following in the invoice:
    1. Magazine met with
    2. Date & time of consultation
    3. If the billed fee is less than the coach’s normal fee, the difference declared as an in-kind donation
  13. The magazine contact fills out MagsBC’s Magazine Coach feedback survey.
Half-day session: coach assignment

MagsBC pairs a coaches to a magazine based on which coaches we have (a few of which are listed below) and what the magazine tells us they need.

MagsBC is also open to recommendations, and, if necessary, does a comprehensive search to find an expert with the right fit for the member’s needs.

We are happy to take suggestions from the member magazine, but the final choice of coach remains with the association.

Half-day session: who attends the consultation
Consultations are most effective when only the key staff people responsible for the area identified meet with the coach, generally two to three people. If you have more than one magazine, staff members from other magazines cannot attend as the consultation is tailored to one magazine only. However, if you wish to have a publisher’s consultation with more than one magazine’s staff in attendance, we can work something out. Let’s talk!

Our Coaches

Bakau Consulting

Bakau Consulting

Inclusive Content Strategies | Radical Content Creation | Anti-Racist Editorial Practices | Diverse Audience Engagement 

Carley Hodgkinson

Carley Hodgkinson

Branding | Art Direction | Dynamic + Expressive Design | Typography | Visual Design Auditing

Sarah Hoyles

Sarah Hoyles

Podcasting | Writing for Broadcast Media | Journalism | Content Development | Social Media

Anita Li

Audience Engagement | Community-Driven Journalism | Media Ethics | Media Business Models and Sustainability | Journalism Innovation | Audience Development (SEO, Social, etc.)

Lisa Manfield headshot

Lisa Manfield

Online Publishing | Audience Engagement | Digital Marketing | Search Optimization | Reader-Generated Content | Working With Bloggers

Patrick Sauriol

Digital Marketing | Copywriting & Online Content Strategy | Website Redesign | SEO | Search Engine Marketing | Paid Ads | Social Media

Rainey Smith

Online Ad Operations & Setup | DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers Ad Server)

Carli Van Stolk

Carli Van Stolk

Search Engine Optimization | Digital and Content Marketing Strategy | Social Media | Blog and Website Content