Magazine Coach Program

Helping Your Magazine Perform To Its Highest Potential

At least once per year, MagsBC puts the call out for applications and arranges for experts to meet with member magazines to help them improve in a targeted area such as business management or editorial workflow.

About the Program

This program is similar to Magazines Canada’s Travelling Consultants Program and the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association’s Pros on the Road.

With the Magazine Coach Program, MagsBC will pair “coaches”, experts in a particular area, to meet with member magazines for a half or full day consultation.

Participating magazines will pay a fee as part the cost of the consultation and receive a summary of recommendations afterward. Very small magazines may have this fee reduced or waived on request.

The Details

Everything you'll need to know to take advantage of our Magazine Coach Program.

If you have any questions, please contact Sylvia Skene, Executive Director, MagsBC at 604-688-1175 or

MagsBC will send out a call for applications to meet with either a particular coach or in whatever area member magazines need help in.

Staff at member magazines who would like to participate need to:

  1. Identify areas they need the greatest help in and share this with MagsBC
  2. Send in an application when the association calls for them
  3. If assigned a coach by MagsBC, determine a date key staff can meet with them, and share this with the association
  4. Make sure senior staff receive a questionnaire in the relevant area from MagsBC well before the consultation
  5. Pay a contribution toward the consultation costs
  6. Fill out the consultation questionnaire and send it to the assigned coach well in advance of the consultation date
  7. Have a short phone discussion with the coach before the meeting on the focus of the meeting, and what else they need
  8. Meet with the coach
  9. Review and implement recommendations from the coach report
  10. Fill out MagsBC's Magazine Coach Session feedback survey about this new program and process.

For non-member magazines, we encourage you to apply for membership in our association in order to take advantage of this great program and others.

We will be pairing one of our coaches to a magazine based on which coaches we have and what the magazine tells us they need.

We are happy to take recommendations for coaches, but the final choice remains with the association.

As this program ramps up, we will be offering coaching two or more times a year as our roster of experts is developed.

We will put the call out when funding is available, and member magazines can apply at that time and make suggestions for coaches.

As this is a new service, we are still building our roster of coaches, but we are working toward having experts available in all of the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • Branding and brand extensions
  • Building community and audiences
  • Circulation
  • Design, both in print and online
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Editorial, both in print and online
  • Event planning
  • Financial and business management
  • Fundraising and revenue diversification
  • Grant writing and reporting
  • Human resources
  • Memberships - transitioning to or adding
  • Multimedia - podcasting, videos, etc.
  • Online publishing and promotion
  • Production and printing
  • Social media presence
  • Website development and enhancement

If you don't see what you need help with in the above list, let us know!

Consultations are most effective with only key staff people responsible for that area meeting with the coach, generally two to three people.

If you have more than one magazine, staff members from other magazines cannot attend as the consultation is tailored to one magazine only.

However, if you wish to have a publisher's consultation with more than one magazine's staff in attendance, we can work something out. Let's talk!

Participants of this program have overwhelmingly given their consultants top marks, judging that their time and money was well spent and made a significant positive impact on their magazine.

For a full 7 1/2 to 8 hour consultation, a member magazine normally contributes $100 for a half-day session and $175 for a full-day session. Right now we're asking members to contribute what they can.

Very small member magazines may ask to have this fee reduced or waived.

Our Coaches

These experts are known for helping magazines and other clients perform better. We are continuing to develop our roster of experts, so stay tuned!

  • Jason Maghanoy

    Jason Maghanoy

    Revenue Strategy | Direct to Consumer | Digital Marketing | Membership | Advertising Sales

  • Tracey McKinley professional headshot

    Tracey McKinley

    Circulation | Business Planning | Subscription Sales (all types) | Newsstand Sales | Brand Marketing

  • Rainey Smith

    Online Ad Operations & Setup | DFP

  • TJ Pitre headshot

    TJ Pitre

    Web and Mobile-First Design and Development | Digital Style Guides and Design | User Experience | Content-Heavy Websites

  • Kim Pittaway headshot

    Kim Pittaway

    Editorial Quality | Journalism | Workflow | Packaging | Strategic Planning | Small Magazines

  • John Milne headshot

    John Milne

    Business | Finances | Sales | Editorial Resource Allocation | Audience Development | CASL Compliance | Niche Magazines

  • Lisa Manfield headshot

    Lisa Manfield

    Online Publishing | Audience Engagement | Digital Marketing | Search Optimization | Reader-Generated Content | Working With Bloggers


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