Almost all of the videos on this page are of professional development sessions and panels organized by MagsBC.  Every effort has been made to present high-quality content that is of value to magazine industry professionals and freelancers.

Building Good Working Relationships With Emerging BIPOC Writers by Phoebe Ka-Ir Wang (Mar 2019)

Interviewing Part 1: Research by Curtis Gillespie (Mar 2019)

Interviewing Part 2: The Interview by Curtis Gillespie (Mar 2019)

Building Better Stories by Kim Pittaway (Oct 2018)

Getting Clicks: Online & Social Media Display Writing by Kim Pittaway (Oct 2018)

Making Your Website More Accessible by Devon Persing (Oct 2017)

The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Publishing – panel (Oct 2017)

Stealing Someone Else's Voice by Ijeoma Oluo (Oct 2017)

Facebook Doesn't Care About You by Kate Lesniak (Oct 2017)

Race, Culture, and the Gatekeepers of Language by Ijeoma Oluo (Oct 2017)

Resisting 'CanLit' | West Coast Indigenous Writers (Sept 2017)

Transforming Your Magazine Into a Powerhouse Online Presence by Hal Niedzviecki (Nov 2016)

Gold-Star HR Management for Small Magazines by Jenn Farrell (Nov. 2016)

On Equity and Inclusion by Lėonicka Valcius (Nov 2016)

Inclusive Magazine Publishing: Barriers and Strategies for Writers and Publishers (Panel Sept 2016)

Zoé Duhaime at BC Book Day

MagsBC presents “Work Your Workflow: 23 Editorial Production Snags and Solutions” with Jess Ross

MagsBC presents “Open, Read, Click: Secrets to creating digital newsletters”

MagsBC presents "Events That Boost Your Brand, Part 2" with Sandro Grison

MagsBC presents "Events That Boost Your Brand Part 1" with Trevor Battye

MagsBC presents "The Art of Ad Sales — Tales from an Industry Insider" with Gwen Dunant

MagsBC presents "Blue Box Update: Making Sense of Blue Box Programs" with Gary Garland

MagsBC Presents "How to Grow Your Readership and Monetize Online Content" with Trevor Battye

MagsBC presents "Increasing Circulation for Small(er) Magazines" with Greg Keilty

Mags BC presents "No Longer Business As Usual": a Copyright Forum

MagsBC Remix Issue 2: Multi Platform Publishing

MagsBC Remix, Issue 1: Blogging Your Brand - Building Your Presence Online

On the Street

We talked with people around town about magazines: what they like, and why they like it.