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Video: Transforming Your Magazine Into a Powerhouse Online Presence

A talk on defining and pursuing your publishing goals using the Web and email by Hal Niedzviecki, author, speaker, publisher of Broken Pencil

In typical contrarian fashion, Hal starts by dismissing both the “magazine” and “powerhouse online presence” terms in the title of his talk, and then goes on to talk about the limitations of an online presence as part of your magazine media brand.

Crucial questions:
1. What are you publishing?
2. Why are you publishing it?
3. What are your publication’s goals, strategies and priorities?
4. What are your strategies to create and grow revenue to support 1-3?
5. How are you using social media, newsletters and other tools to help you with the above? (If this is not your number one priority with your social media and website, it should be.)
6. Look at your hard data. What gives you the most value for your time and money, and what should you make less of a priority?
7. What and where is your “ask” online and via newsletters? Does it support the above?
8. How can you reach out to your community in tactile and meaningful ways? (Hint: it’s not through e-blasts.)

The principles and practices outlined in Hal’s talk are applicable to many types and sizes of organizations and businesses. View here.

Filmed at UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, BC on Nov. 4/16 as part of the MagsWest 2016 conference.