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Job Opportunity: Administrative Assistant Internship, Geist magazine, Vancouver – FILLED

Older lady with funky sunglasses and lipstick carrying dogOverall description and link to publication goals:

Geist is the Canadian literary magazine of ideas and culture. Our mandate is to find and encourage a wide audience for new and established Canadian writers and artists of merit.

While working for Geist, the intern will become an integral part of the editorial, circulation and marketing team, reviewing submissions, managing contest entries, learning the basics of bookkeeping, circulation fulfilment, strategy and campaign building, marketing and writing copy. The intern will also be encouraged to contribute writing and will participate in editorial and marketing meetings.


  • Intern must be enrolled or recent graduates (within 3 years) of journalism, professional writing, publishing, communications or a comparable program in an accredited post-secondary
  • Strong writing and communication skills and willingness to learn
  • Understanding of basic tenets of marketing and media
  • Strong ability to organize and prioritize
  • Ability to carry out work requiring attention to detail
  • An interest in literature and cultural publishing
  • Have a positive attitude


  • Work with Publisher and Associate Publisher to create and schedule the newsletter
  • Assist with drafting, writing and editing renewal letters and marketing initiatives
  • Attend and contribute to online marketing meetings
  • Write copy for newsletter content and marketing emails
  • Contribute editorial input and writing to the Findings and Endnotes sections of Geist
  • Assist with developing online subscription offers
  • Write copy and schedule posts for social media platforms
  • Work with circulation department to track subscriptions
  • Answer subscriber questions and update subscriber information
  • Coordinate workshops, festivals and other events
  • Participate in editorial and marketing meetings
  • Do basic bookkeeping
  • Help prepare grant applications
  • Liaise with book publishers and contributors to request permissions and invoices for published work
  • Ensure ads are in and to spec for print and web


  • The intern will report to AnnMarie MacKinnon, publisher


The Administrative Assistant role will give the intern practical experience at Canada’s largest literary magazine.

The intern will have the opportunity to work with Geist founders Stephen Osborne and Mary Schendlinger, who have more than forty years each experience in the publishing industry.

As the position is interdisciplinary in nature, the intern will receive an introduction to all aspects of magazine publishing. The intern will participate in all stages of work and follow projects through from conception to publication. The intern will receive feedback from the publisher on his/her written work.

This position is structured to allow the intern to develop a range of skills and pursue a particular area of focus as the position progresses. The position will also provide insight into the structure and daily operations of non-profits in Canada, transferable to many organizations.

The intern is expected to leave with the experience and adaptable skills required to obtain an entry level admin, editorial, marketing or circulation job in the publishing industry.

Time commitment:

  • Part-time, 20 hours/week
  • 16 weeks from early November 2017 to early March 2018

Pay: $14/hour

To apply, send CV and cover letter to AnnMarie MacKinnon at