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New Report on Digital Content Delivery Systems Now Available

The Magazine Association of BC is happy to announce the release of the research report, “Making the Most of the Digital Leap Forward: Identifying Digital Content Delivery Systems That Effectively Support Magazine Publishing in 2021.” (Final revised version, May 4, 2021.)

MagsBC commissioned Jessica Fabrizius, the researcher who presented the 2018 version of this report, to update and expand the research for 2021.

Thirteen systems were reviewed, analyzed and rated from a publisher’s and a reader’s viewpoint by Jessica with research assistance from Lindsay Stone:

  • Issuu
  • Magzter
  • Mag+
  • 3D Issue
  • Joomag
  • MagLoft
  • FlipHTML5
  • Readz
  • Zmags
  • PaperLit
  • PressReader
  • Simplebooklet

Jessica also compared pricing structures, standard features, and responsiveness to questions by the providers, and made recommendations based on the capacity and size of magazines.

We hope you find this comprehensive report helpful in deciding which system might work best for you or in assisting you in analyzing other systems not covered here.

Funded by the Government of Canada

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