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The State of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in the Canadian Magazine Industry – 2021 Survey Results

An executive meeting with an employeeL’état de la diversité, de l’inclusion et de l’équité dans l’industrie canadienne des magazines : rapport d’enquête

Events in Canada, the US, and around the world continue to highlight issues of marginalization and inequity in many societies and sectors. With these events has come a renewed effort to understand the root causes of marginalization, particularly that of Indigenous, Black and other racialized communities, and to address inequities.

In response to this, the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA), in partnership with the Magazine Association of BC and Zenev and Associates, circulated a Canada-wide survey in English and French from January to March 2021 to assess the current state of equity, diversity and inclusion in the magazine publishing industry.

Key Project Objectives

The goal of the survey was to gather information on:
(i) how diverse and inclusive magazine organizations and the magazine industry are;
(ii) the challenges magazine organizations face in becoming more diverse, inclusive and equitable; and
(iii) the strategies organizations have implemented to become more diverse, inclusive and equitable, and to ensure that content represents diverse voices and perspectives.


Compiled by Aliya Jamal and Zenobia Jamal, Zenev and Associates. (Hosted on AMPA website.)

Rapport d’enquête (résumé), 29 juillet, 2021 (pdf)

Survey Report (Summary), 29 July, 2021 (pdf)

Full Survey Report: see below link.

Our Commitment

The survey findings will be used to determine strategies that will contribute to a more diverse and inclusive magazine industry beyond what we’re currently doing through ongoing training opportunities and internship programs that support historically underrepresented groups.

Full Survey Report and Involvement in Next Steps

If you’d like a copy of the full report (in English only), please fill out the form on the AMPA blog post. We also welcome your comments and interest if you’d like to work with us on our next steps.