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MagsBC Seeking Member Magazines to Display and/or Sell at Local Theatrical Venues

Man wearing blazer paging through publication. Bar or lobby in background. Photo by Helena Lopes: want you to join our new project!

With traditional newsstand spaces shrinking or disappearing altogether, MagsBC is launching a 6 to 8-month trial displaying and selling member magazines in non-traditional spaces to February 2024. For this pilot project, we hope to partner with theatre lobbies and other performance spaces throughout the Lower Mainland, and if possible, Victoria as well.

Project lead Allyson McGrane, who has been a presenter and manager for many theatre groups, will be approaching lobbies, gift shops and concessions in performance spaces about providing space for magazine racks. She will also help set up stand-alone displays inside theatrical venues where magazines can be offered for free or sold on a profit-sharing basis.

Currently, Allyson has been doing outreach and developing a list of interested partners and contacts, as well as figuring out logistics, such as a QR code for digital member magazines, and other aspects. Her initial work has found that many venues are keen to learn more and potentially support our project.

If you are interested in your print member magazine(s) being displayed for giveaway or sold inside performance venues, please:

  1. Contact Allyson McGrane at, cc’ing me at, so we can figure out the details, such as how many copies we might need from you.
  2. Send 3 copies of a recent issue to the MagsBC office (address below) so that we have samples on hand in case the venues want to review hard copies.

The MagsBC board, Allyson and I are all very excited about this project’s potential. Our thanks to CPF Collective Initiatives for approving our application.

Sylvia Skene
Executive Director

Magazine Association of BC
316-336 E 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC
V5T 4R6

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