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December 6, 2014

Design and Editorial

Canadian Press Stylebook

A handbook for following standard CP style, produced and sold by the Canadian Press. ¶

Center for Technology and Research - Printing Industries of America

Canadian Printing Industries Association; amend summary to read:"An information site hosted by the Printing Industries of America (formerly the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation), a graphic arts trade association affiliated with the Canadian Printing Industries Association. ¶

Chicago Manual of Style

A guide to a widely used editorial style guide developed by the University of Chicago. ¶

Cover Tips from a Newsstand Pro

A special guide to cover planning and design from Arlene Shepard of Gateway Newstands, who consulted at the Masthead Cover Clinic at Magazines University 2006. It covers effective use of cover lines, using numbers to one's advantage, fantasy vs. reality, colour and other key topics. ¶

Design Edge Canada

Online magazine for the Canadian graphic design industry. Includes articles, resources and a job board. ¶

Editors Association of Canada

A national association and service organization for editors. ¶

European Color Initiative

An international group working on devices for independent processing of color data in digital publication systems. ¶

Getty Images

A popular stock photo and graphic service. ¶

Glossary of Typographic Terms

A glossary of terminology from Adobe software. ¶

Listing of Design, Typography and Electronic Publishing Resources

A comprehensive list of online design and typography resources from the Editors Association of Canada. ¶

Look Like a Hero

The Art Directors' Guide to Magazine Print Production, produced by Magazines Canada Manufacturing & Technology Committee and Masthead magazine. ¶

Magazine Cover Mockup Generator

A toy mock-up generator that makes magazine covers out of uploaded photos. ¶


The industry's premier colour guide. ¶


A stock photography library with more than 160,000 creative and unique photos, all available under a royalty-free license model. ¶


A news site and web portal for the Canadian graphic arts industry. ¶

Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island

An organization of Vancouver Island editors. Includes a list of online editing resources. ¶

Retouching Demo

A mini-movie that demonstrates the 'magic' of retouching cover photos. ¶

Society of Graphic Designers of Canada

Listing and representing Canadian design professionals, educators and students. ¶

Testy Copy Editors

A U.S.-based discussion board and community site for professional copy editors. ¶

The International Typeface Corporation

A font marketplace and online community for typesetters. ¶

What Do Editors Do?

A list of the various jobs and tasks for editors in the Canadian magazine industry. ¶

What Is a Copy Editor

A beginner's guide to being a copy editor, from a popular copy editing blog. ¶

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