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December 5, 2014

Marketing and Newsstand

Adweek Magazine

A U.S.-based online magazine for the marketing industry. ¶

Barcode Guide

A diagram showing Canadian magazines publishers how to correctly place a UPC code. ¶

Canadian Marketing Association

An association of corporations, publishers and institutions across all marketing disciplines, channels and technologies. ¶

Certified Folder Display Service Canada, Inc.

North America's largest professional travel brochure distribution and display service, with over 21,000 visitor information display racks on location throughout Western and Central United States and Western Canada.  Will also take magazines. ¶

Chief Marketer Network

A U.S.-based website for the direct marketing industry (formerly Direct Magazine). ¶

Cover Tips from a Newsstand Pro

A special guide to cover planning and design from Arlene Shepard of Gateway Newstands, who consulted at the Masthead Cover Clinic at Magazines University 2006. It covers effective use of cover lines, using numbers to one's advantage, fantasy vs. reality, colour and other key topics. ¶

Genuine Canadian Magazine

A Magazines Canada branding progam that has members use a recognizable cover icon to highlight Canadian titles on the newsstand. ¶

Heterogeneous World of British Columbia Magazines

Ebook by Rowland Lorimer, Publishing Consultant and Director Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing at Simon Fraser University."This report examines the magazine publishing industry in British Columbia in 2005with an eye to advising the industry, the British Columbia government, and the federalgovernment on how the industry might be strengthened. It also updates some financialand publishing statistics that were collected and presented in Periodically Yours:Magazines of British Columbia." -- from the ebook. ¶

Magazines Canada Library Partnership Program

A simplified ordering service to assist librarians in stocking Canadian magazines. Maintained by Magazines Canada. ¶

Magazines Canada Newsstand Marketing Project

An inititative to use backer cards, regional sales reps and other marketing tools to promote smaller member titles on the newsstand. ¶

Marketing Basics

A free online workshop for new small businesses in Canada. Focusses on the basics of marketing and on starting a business in general. ¶

Marketing Mag

A Canadian magazine for the marketing industry. ¶

Media Digest of the Canadian Media Directors' Council

A publication that lists detailed information, demographics and statistics on the Canadian media marketplace. ¶

Newsstand Best Practices

A list of tips and best practices for newer Canadian magazines to achieve success on the newsstand. Produced by Magazines Canada. ¶

Newsstand Glossary

A glossary of newsstand and basic cirulation terms from Magazines Canada. ¶

Print Measurement Bureau

A Canadian organization that produces a syndicated study of single-source data on print readership, non-print media exposure, product usage and lifestyles. ¶

Pro Logo: Tips for Covers and Logos

Advice from Masthead Magazine on how to refresh your brand. ¶

Redesign Advice

Canadian experts share their advice for redesigning your magazine. ¶

Rules for Newsstand Success

A list of general tips from Coast to Coast Newsstand Services. ¶

Sales and Marketing Executives of Vancouver

An association of professional sales & marketing executives in the Vancouver area; affiliated with Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. ¶

Strategy Magazine

A Canadian magazine for the marketing industry. ¶

Taking back the rack : amid new challenges, Canadian magazines compete for visibility on our newsstands

A single-Copy Distribution Study for the Department of Canadian Heritage. Compares mass marrket publications with small magazines.Contains a Glossary. ¶

The Summative Evaluation of the Publications Assistance Program

"This report presents the findings of the Summative Evaluation of the Department of CanadianHeritage’s Publications Assistance Program, completed in winter, 2005."Evaluation Services, Corporate Review Branch, Department of Canadian Heritage.Published June 22, 2005. ¶

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