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December 6, 2014

Recycling and Eco-Friendly Resources

Alternative Energy

A comprehensive website offering information on numerous types and sources of alternative energy, including renewables such as solar, wind and geothermal, plus alternatives to ancient old-growth forests for paper and construction materials. ¶


A guide to going old-growth free. ¶


A database of North American mills producing recycled paper of publishing grade. ¶

Craigslist Vancouver

A free classified site that includes job listings. Other BC cities are also available. Use 'For Sale - Free' listings to get or give used goods. ¶

David Suzuki Foundation

A BC-based international organization that focusses on macro issues in the environment. ¶

ecoACTION Tools and Calculators

A Government of Canada site with tools and calculators to assist organizations and businesses with reducing their carbon footprints. ¶

Electronic Recycling Association

A non-profit organization that accepts old computers in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. ¶

Environmental Choice

A Canadian branding initiative and database of certified green products. ¶

Forest Stewardship Council - Canada

An ecological protection organization. Site includes a database of FSC certified paper and wood products. ¶

Good Wood Watch

A BC-based information and resource site for people looking for eco-friendly wood products. ¶

Green in All Grades (Recycled vs. Virgin Paper)

A Green America White Paper, July 23, 2012, which shows that recycled paper is always the best environmental choice, especially when it is used in magazines and (other printing-writing papers). ¶

Green Seal

A U.S.-based listing site of certified green products. ¶

Greenpeace Canada

The Canadian chapter of the world's foremost conservation agency. ¶

Metro Vancouver Smart Steps - Business Tools for Sustainability

A ten-step program from the Metro Vancouver regional district for better environmental practice in business and offices. ¶

Reach for Unbleached - Clean Paper Consumer Information

A BC-based information and resource site for unbleached paper products. ¶

Recycling Council of British Columbia

Canada's longest serving recycling council, the Recycling Council of BC offers a telephone hotline and a web-based encyclopedia of local recycling options throughout the province.  They administer several product stewardship, public outreach and educational programs as well as both business and consumer materials exchange networks. ¶

Sierra Club BC

An organization dedicated to conservation through public service and programs. ¶

Vancouver Reuses Exchange

A website that makes it easy to swap used goods in Metro Vancouver. ¶

Industry Directory

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