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December 5, 2014

Starting a Magazine

FAQs for New and Would-Be Publishers

A list of common questions for people who are new to the industry. Created and hosted by Magazines Canada. ¶

Keeping Records : Fulfillment for Small Magazines in Canada.

This report contains topics specifically for small magazines, such as:Subscription fulfillment in large magazines vs. small magazines; Small-circulation magazines have unique requirements; Basic requirements for fulfillment software; Problems caused by inadequate fulfillment systems; Development stages of fulfillment systems; The baseline fulfillment requirements of small Canadian magazines; Keeping Readers report recommendations ¶

A U.S.-based commercial site with news and tips for new magazine publishers. ¶

New Publishers Newsstand Pricing Tips

Advice for pricing your magazine from Coast to Coast Newsstand Services. ¶

New Publishers Newsstand UPC Tips

Tips for UPC code treatment from Coast to Coast Newsstand Services. ¶

Publishing FAQs

A list of FAQs for people interested in starting a magazine, from a U.S.-based publishing consultancy group. ¶

Ryerson Unversity: So You Want to Start a Magazine? (CDJN 101)

A Ryerson School of Journalism 2-day course on the basics of launching a magazine. ¶

Starting Your Business

Provides general information and additional links to starting a business in Canada. ¶

Industry Directory

View and add your listing to the Industry Directory