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Workshop, Feb 8: Set Up & Stretch: Office Ergonomics

Working in magazine publishing entails hunching over for long hours in front of a screen, which can cause problems with posture and spinal alignment. Not to mention the fact that the human body is designed to move around throughout the day, so sitting is one place is not ideal.

While this is not news to any of us, it is not easy to prioritize and address these issues in addition to the stresses of everyday life. MagsBC wants to help with your office ergonomics.

Join us for a workshop with Tana Bullock, Principal Consultant at MoveSafe. Tana will offer several simple office appropriate exercises that can be performed periodically throughout the day to keep you limber. She will also share best practices for proper posture while sitting, and recommend low-cost solutions to adapt available home furnishing to establish a good ergonomic home office set up.

Please note: this will be a hands-on workshop where Tana and Lead Consultant Sydney McCabe will run attendees through simple exercises and provide live guidance on proper technique and form. Attendees are encouraged to have their video on and participate so they can get the most out of this webinar. To protect the privacy of all attendees, this webinar will not be recorded.

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Tana Bullock, Principal Consultant, MoveSafe

Tana is the MoveSafe lead for office ergonomics assessments and services in the greater Vancouver area.

Tana has been a part of the MoveSafe team for more than a dozen years. Her background in Disability Management helps her understand the consequences of sustained unhealthy posture and movement habits. Tana is focused on applying her knowledge to help prevent injury to avoid the unwanted circumstance of having employees struggle to return to normal work and home life.

Tana enjoys the preventative aspect of her work that allows her to combine her Kinesiology education and coaching skillset. She educates her clients on their workstation set-up as well as teaches them the proper posture and movement habits necessary for working in the latest office environments.

When she is not politely nagging folks about proper posture and teaching them how to (finally) set up their office chair, Tana is probably out running or shuttling her kids to and from their many extra-curricular activities.

Jill Cressman, Lead Consultant, MoveSafe

Jill has been with MoveSafe for 4 years. Originally from Ontario, she is a trained Athletic Therapist. Prior to working with MoveSafe, she worked at a University performing injury assessments, sideline care, and rehabilitation for varsity athletes there, then at a sports medicine clinic performing injury assessments for Orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors.

Jill loves getting the opportunity to provide information on how to move your body in hopes of preventing injury from happening, and improving overall quality of life!

Jill has a passion for sporting activities, travel, and spending time with friends, family, and her dog Chewie.


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