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Sylvia Skene

Sylvia Skene

Executive Director & Internship Coordinator

Hired in 2011 as executive director for the Magazine Association of BC, Sylvia Skene has also worked as a project coordinator and internship coordinator for the association, interim executive director for the Western Magazine Awards Foundation, and subscription services provider for member magazine British Columbia History.

Before joining MagsBC, Sylvia worked for many years at Langara College as a library media technician, supporting the Advanced Education Media Acquisitions Centre in purchasing group video programs and rights for public post-secondary institutions around the province.

As part of this work, she was involved in organizing the annual Fast Forward Media Showcase tradeshow in such roles as registrar, exhibitor liaison, catering coordinator, chair and many other duties. She also served on the Langara College Council, Foundation Committee, and Board of Governors, taught as a part-time instructional assistant, and founded the BC Post-Secondary Support Staff Conference.

Sylvia has an Art History degree, a Library Technician Diploma, a Library Technician of the Year award, and many, many work- and personal interest-related courses.

Sylvia has also volunteered for various groups, most recently with Vancouver Co-op Radio from 2010 to 2018, assisting with producing and broadcasting programs, providing technical training to other volunteers, writing a space plan report with low-cost recommendations for the station, and other work.

Sylvia is working towards rebuilding MagsBC’s reputation as an effective association, responsive to its members and innovative and inclusive in its approach.



Photo credit: Maxwell Mawji, Capture Candy.