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NEW! Magazine Coach Program Launched at MagsBC

MagsBC is starting a new service for our members similar to Magazines Canada’s Travelling Consultants Program and the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association’s Pros on the Road called the Magazine Coach Program.

Like these programs, MagsBC will pair “coaches”, experts in a particular area, to meet with member magazines for a half or full day consultation.  Participating magazines will contribute a few hundred to the cost of the consultation and receive a summary of recommendations afterward.

As this is a new program, the process may change or have steps added, but it currently is as follows. MagsBC will:

  1. Ask members where their greatest challenges and needs are, and whether they’d be interested in participating in this program
  2. Identify those areas needing the most support, and recruit consultants specializing in these areas
  3. Call for pre-consultation submissions (forms and costs will be provided at that time) and assign coaches to select magazines
  4. Bill magazines for their share of the cost
  5. Follow up about meeting dates, and arrange for travel and accommodation for out-of-town coaches
  6. Make sure the coaches have sent their one-page summary of recommendations and pay them
  7. Request feedback from participating magazines to improve the program next time

At this time, we are at stage #1: asking magazine members what their greatest challenges and needs are, and whether they’d like to be involved. Please let us know at!

Funded by the Government of Canada.

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