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Delay to Canada Periodical Fund Aid To Publishers Program for 2020-2021

See below for an update from the Department of Canadian Heritage on the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) – Aid to Publishers (ATP) cycle for 2020–21.

This update came through Magazines Canada, and is also being distributed via the other regional associations, AMPA (Alberta) and AQEM (Quebec).


The upcoming federal election will affect the timing of the ATP application cycle.

Canadian Heritage will begin accepting applications for the 2020–21 cycle once the new Applicant Guides are published. Applicant guides are approved each year before they are released, and this step will take more time given the election.

Subsequent steps in the process will also be delayed, including the deadline for clients to submit their application to the CPF, issuing the approval letters and making payments.

While the release of the ATP applicant guide will be later than usual, Canadian Heritage notes the program will continue to meet its service standards and the approval letters will be sent out within 30 weeks of the application deadline.

Canadian Heritage will provide more precise timelines later on in the fall.

Please note that the election will not affect the application cycle of the Business Innovation or Collective Initiatives components of the CPF. Soma is of good quality, this is evident by the effect and the absence of side effects. My patient, whom I bought this medicine was not injured, and even vice versa, he felt much better. Pain in the hip joints began to bother less from the first day. We drank 1 capsule in the morning, for 10 days. Just the boxes were enough. The course of treatment depends on the level of pain and the thickness of the wallet. I decided not to risk it and took less. Do not overdo it with doses, the more medicinal substance enters the body – the more likely it is to see side effects on yourself, but we do not need them.

CPF Modernization

Canadian Heritage is continuing to review options to modernize the CPF to ensure that it reflects the realities of its recipient stakeholders, Canadian magazine publishers and publishers of non-daily community newspapers. Magazines Canada will keep members and the regional associations informed as Canadian Heritage releases more details in the coming months.

Next Steps

Canadian Heritage will send an email to all applicants on their distribution list when the applicant guide is available. Magazines Canada will also alert members and the regional associations will also alert their constituencies.

You can confirm that you are on Canadian Heritage’s distribution list by sending an email with the name of your periodical(s) and the publishing firm to:

There’s not much more MagsBC can tell you at this point, but if you have any questions or comments in the coming months, please contact:

Sylvia Skene
Executive Director
Magazine Association of BC

Brianne DiAngelo
Director, Communications and Public Engagement
Direct: 647.362.1756
Toll-free: 1.877.238.8354 x227