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Structural strategy

the role of architects in custom builds and renovations

By Shannon Moneo for Spruce

street view of a family home with modern, clean lines and a low horizontal wood fence, flanked by two mature trees
Custom home project by Carolynn Wilson Architect. Photo: Tony Colangelo Photography.

Many times, when building a home or doing a renovation, the owner opts to not use an architect, instead relying on a designer and/or contractor. But should that choice be reconsidered?

Carolynn Wilson Architect has been operating on Vancouver Island for over 14 years. An Architectural Institute of BC member, with more than 26 years experience, Wilson has left her mark on a range of projects, most lately high-end condos, townhouses and homes. Increasingly, clients are coming to her for aging-in-place, sustainable and net zero homes

With a technical degree in architectural science and a Master’s degree in architecture, Wilson marries science and art to create a high quality building and visually appealing place to call home.

“Having an architect working with you, we talk about your needs, how you want to live. We offer something that is a specialized design,” says Wilson. “I can tell when a house has been designed by an architect.”

architectural black and white drawing-Chapman St. South west view
Design drawing by Carolynn Wilson, Principal, Architect AIBC.


What do architects provide?

The AIBC, Wilson’s professional and governing body, outlines the role of an architect: “During the design and construction of your building, the architect effectively becomes a major contributor to your organization serving as advisor, coordinator, and technical manager as well as creative artist. In a large measure the architect will determine the functional, aesthetic and financial success of the project.”


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