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Diversity in the Workplace

Last checked Nov. 30, 2022, by Michael Hua, Langara College Library & Information Technology practicum student

The Basics

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How to Build a Diverse Workplace

  • “15 Steps You Can Take to Build a More Diverse Workforce.” LifeSpeak. Read Article
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A Deeper Dive

  • Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. An organization dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion practices in Canada, their website has a plethora of resources. Visit Site
  • “Diversity and Inclusion in Canada: The Current State.” Bersin by Deloitte. Aug. 2014. Discusses the functionality challenges of diversity and inclusion practices in Canadian institutions. Read Report
  • “Diversity in the Workplace: Boards and Executive Teams Report 2020.” Osler. An annual report on gender in the workplace, particularly on boards and in executive positions. Read Report
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  • “Women in the Workplace 2020.” McKinsey & Company, Sep. 30, 2020. An article about the annual report from the United States that focuses on gender parity, with emphasis on possible impacts of Covid-19 in the year 2020. Read Article

More Resources