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Last checked Jan. 25, 2023, by Alice Watkin, intern for MagsBC. Updated Mar. 14, 2023.

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Publishing Associations

  • ABPBC – Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia: ABPBC is a provincial association of BC-owned and operated book publishing companies that work to support the long-term health and success of the Canadian-owned book industry in British Columbia. Visit Site
  • ACP – The Association of Canadian Publishers: Canada’s leading association/organization whose mandate “assists Canadian-owned publishers in promoting the excellence of Canadian books, in bringing more Canadian books to more readers in Canada, and in expanding Canadian-owned publishers’ domestic and international market share.” Visit Site
  • AMPA – Alberta Magazine Publishers Association: AMPA serves the magazine industry by supporting the people who publish, create, print, and distribute a uniquely “Albertan” view of the world. Much like MagsBC, their ideal combination of advocacy, promotion and professional assistance helps to nurture Alberta’s magazine industry and continued development. Visit Site
  • AQEM – L’Association québécoise des éditeurs de magazines: The Quebec Association of Magazine Publishers promotes networking and program development for French-language publishers in Quebec and across Canada.  Visit Site
  • CIP4- The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress: CIP4 is a nonprofit Swiss-based association that focuses on creating the standards to facilitate automation in the printing industry and to support education and marketing for those standards. Their primary focus is on the printing automated systems currently in use, and on future advancements in the field. Visit Site
  • CLMP – The Community of Literary Magazines and Presses: This association, formerly known as The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, is a service organization for independent literary presses and magazines across the U.S. MagsBC members may join at a discount. Visit Site
  • CPC – Canadian Publishers Council: CPC is an English language publishing trade association that represents the interests of publishing companies who publish books and other media for a variety of sectors: elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional and reference markets, retail, and libraries.  Visit Site
  • CPIA – Canadian Printing Industries Association: The CPIA aims to strengthen the printing industry across Canada by advocating on the industries behalf and creating a network of regional print associations. Visit Site
  • FIPP – Connecting Global Media  (International Federation of Periodical Publishers): Helps its members develop better strategies and build better businesses by identifying and communicating emerging trends, sharing knowledge, and improving skills, worldwide. Organizes international conferences and events every year.  Visit Site
  • IRMA – The International Regional Magazine Association: This association acts as a gathering place and information database for regional publications’ staff from across North America. Members encourage free and open communication among publishers to support the regional serial publishing community. Visit Site
  • MagsCan – Magazines Canada: The leading national trade association representing Canadian-owned, Canadian-content of French and English magazines. They offer a wide range of topics focusing on the future of Canadian serial publications. Magazines Canada has merged with the Circulation Management Association of Canada. Visit Site *Note: Magazines Canada’s webpage takes a few moments to load
  • MagsBC – The Magazine Association of British Columbia: You’re here!  Apply now.
  • MPA – The Association of Magazine Media: The Association of Magazine Media is an American-operated nonprofit organization, with headquarters in Washington, DC. They represent 175 domestic companies with over 900 titles and 30 international companies. MPA is run primarily by magazine media specialists and provides a forum for publishers. Visit Site
  • Publishers Association: The member organization for UK publishing, the Publishers Association champions 140 publishing businesses in their membership. They provide support for members on campaigns, public affairs and policy, as well as liaising with governments across the world on laws that affect publishing. Visit Site
  • PPA – Periodical Publishers Association: This U.K. organization represents almost 250 companies (within the U.K.) including consumer magazine publishers, business-to-business data and information providers, customer magazine publishers, and smaller independent companies. They provide a networking system and benefits for members including legal advice, insurance, and research. Visit Site

Editing Associations

  • Editors Canada: Editors Canada supports developing the editing profession through a variety of means such as hosting conferences and seminars, and providing professional development opportunities. The 1,300 members come from a wide selection of editors: salaried, freelance, corporate, technical, government, nonprofit, and academic across Canada and internationally in English and French. Visit Site
  • IEA – Indigenous Editors Association: A membership organization advocating for the presence of Indigenous voices and perspectives in all aspects of storytelling and story-making. IEA works to connect Indigenous editors with all aspects of the publishing community. Visit Site
  • ISC – Indexing Society of Canada: Canada’s National Association of indexers focuses on encouraging the use of indexes and promoting the improvement of indexing industry. Visit Site
  • LTAC – Literary Translators’ Association of Canada: An association of translators which works in conjunction with publishers to translate literary works. They support the translating profession and work to expand audiences literary audiences in 20+ languages. Visit Site
  • PEAVI – Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island: An organization by Vancouver Island editors for Vancouver Island editors, providing online access to a members directory to hire an editor. They also provide professional development and networking meetings for members held monthly. Visit Site

Creators & Writers Associations

  • BCATW – BC Association of Travel Writers: A not-for-profit association which aims to support travel writing in British Columbia. Visit Site
  • CAA – Canadian Authors Association: Focusing on professional development training and services for Canadian authors, this organization provides a network of authors across the country. Visit Site
  • CAJ – Canadian Association of Journalists: A member-based, not-for-profit organization which advocates for journalists across Canada. Visit Site
  • CJFE – Canadian Journalists for Free Expression: This Canadian nonprofit association is dedicated to protecting the freedom of speech for Canadians and contributes to the development of press freedom throughout the world. Their website is frequently updated and archives many of the issues surrounding freedom of speech in the press. Visit Site
  • DesCan – Design Professionals of Canada: DesCan is an advocacy-based organization and committed to leading, supporting, and advancing professional design communications in Canada. The society is a nationwide organization and community of design professionals, educators, design students, and businesses, and also represents non-design professionals such as photographers, illustrators, copywriters and alike. Visit Site
  • FBCW – Federation of BC Writers: The Federation of BC Writers is committed to helping its membership achieve professional standards in all varieties and genres of writing. Visit Site
  • LCP – League of Canadian Poets: This organization is focused on developing the poetry profession through education, boosting publication of poetry, and providing support to Canadian poets around the world. Visit Site
  • PEN Canada – Poets, Essayists and Novelists: This nonprofit Canadian chapter of PEN is an international collective of writers who stand to defend the freedom of expression around the world. They promote intellectual co-operation and understanding among writers, as well as collaborating on various issues such as campaigning for the release of imprisoned artists in foreign countries. Visit Site
  • RGD – Association of Registered Graphic Designers: RGD is “Canada’s largest professional association for graphic designers.” The membership includes firm owners, freelancers, managers, in-house designers, educators and students. Visit Site
  • SABEW – The Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing: A US-based organization, with a Canadian arm, that advocates for freedom of the press and economic journalistic integrity. It also offers awards, events and training. Visit Site
  • SWCC – Science Writers & Communicators of Canada: A member-based organization of groups and individuals who write or publish on science and technology-related topics, prioritizing inclusivity in science writing and broadening public engagement with science and technology writing. Visit Site
  • WT – Writers’ Trust of Canada: Founded in 1976, Writers’ Trust is a “charitable organization that seeks to advance, nurture, and celebrate Canadian writers and writing through a portfolio of programs including 11 national literary awards, financial grants, career development initiatives for emerging writers, and a writers’ retreat in Dawson City, Yukon.” Visit Site
  • WUC – Writers’ Union of Canada: The members of the Writers’ Union are professional Canadian writers who work to improve the profession, providing support and services for the writing environment in Canada. Visit Site

Cross-Sectoral & Advocacy Associations

  • AAC – Alliance for Arts and Culture: The Alliance represents over 350 members from across various artistic disciplines and consists of organizations, professional associations, not-for-profit groups, artists, and cultural workers throughout British Columbia. Visit Site
  • AFP Vancouver – Association of Fundraising Professionals: The Greater Vancouver Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Visit Site
  • BPC – Book and Periodical Council: Operating as a forum for members and associations, the organization facilitates networking and promotes Canadian writing, editing, and publishing. Visit Site
  • CAPIC – Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators: A member-based organization, CAMPIC advocates for the rights and interests of graphic professionals in areas such as copyright and recognition. They create standards and provide many services to their members. Visit Site
  • CEMA – Canadian Ethnic Media Association: For professionals engaged in the fields of print, radio, television, and online journalism, as well as creative writing. CEMA upholds the principles of Canadian citizenship and multiculturalism and maintains the rights of freedom of expression without ethnocentric bias. Visit Site
  • CMA – Canadian Marketing Association: The Canadian Marketing Association is the largest marketing association in Canada. Its members include corporations and organizations which encompass Canada’s major business sectors and which represent the integration and convergence of all marketing disciplines, channels, and technologies. Visit Site
  • ILSA – Indigenous Literary Studies Association: This association represents Indigenous writers, researchers and publishers who promote Indigenous stories and history. Visit Site

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