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AI & Publishing

Compiled March 28, 2024 by Setav Kamal, Langara College Library & Information Technology practicum student.

The Basics

  • Andreev, Alexander. “The Role of AI In the Publishing Industry.” State of Digital Publishing. Nov. 9, 2023. Provides an overview of AI and its role in publishing along with its benefits and drawbacks. Read article
  • H. Gregory, Peter. “Seven Ways AI Will Impact Authors and the Publishing Industry.” Forbes. July 6, 2023. Read article
  • Mcllroy, Thad. “AI is About to Turn Book Publishing Upside-Down.” Publishers Weekly. June 2, 2023. GPT-4 and other AI technologies are set to revolutionize publishing, automating tasks from copyediting to marketing. While concerns about AI persist, embracing its opportunities is vital for the industry’s growth. This shift may render traditional publishing models obsolete but offers new paths for creativity and revenue. Read article
  • “What are large language models?” IBM. An introduction to the technology behind large language models and how they work. Visit site
  • Zewe, Adam. “Explained: Generative AI” MIT News. Nov.9, 2023. A general explanation of what generative AI is, how it works, and the potential benefits and risks that it introduces to the world. Read article

A Deeper Dive

  • “Ethical Issues in AI” Carleton College. 2023. Examines ethical issues in AI usage including copyright, equity, privacy and biases. Focuses on academic applications; however, many concerns are relevant to publishing and general writing. Visit site
  • “Exploring the impact of AI on the future of magazine publishing.” Professional Publishers Association (U.K.). Nov. 16, 2023. Read article
  • Faubert, Emily “Beyond Spellcheck: AI For Editors.” Boldface. Mar. 9, 2023. From the Toronto branch of Editors Canada. A quick look at how AI tools can help the editing process. Read article
  • Getahun, Hannah. “ChatGPT could be used for good, but like many other AI models, it’s rife with racist and discriminatory bias.” Business Insider. Jan. 16, 2023. Read article
  • “How AI is Changing the Book Publishing Industry.” Writerful Books. Feb. 25, 2023. Read site
  • Marr, Bernard. “5+ Generative AI Writing Tools Everyone Should Know About.” Forbes. Mar. 6, 2024. A comprehensive list of AI tools that can be used for writing and editing purposes. Some require a subscription. Read article
  • “Global Principles on Artificial Intelligence.” News Media Alliance. Aug. 2023.
  • Publisher Nation Podcast – Season 3: Season 3 of Publisher Nation features five episodes on the impact of AI on publishing, with guests and experts weighing in with their opinions and analysis. Listen here on Apple Podcasts
  • Sato, Mia. “AI-generated fiction is flooding literary magazines – but not fooling anyone.” The Verge. Feb. 25, 2023. Details the struggles that literary magazines have faced with recent floods of AI-generated submissions. Read article
  • “What are AI Hallucinations?” IBM. Explains the phenomenon of AI “hallucinations” and how to avoid them when using AI tools. Read here
  • The Writer’s Union of Canada – Advocacy statement on Artificial Intelligence. How TWUC is advocating for authors’ intellectual property in terms of A.I. training models. Read here

More Resources