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Advertising & Marketing

Last checked March-April 2024 by Monty Young & Setav Kamal, Langara College Library & Information Technology practicum students.

  • “13 Magazine Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Reader Base.” eMagazines, Apr. 5, 2023. Visit Blog
  • ACA – The Association of Canadian Advertisers: For just over 100 years, ACA has been Canada’s primary marketing association. It is a national, not-for-profit association exclusively dedicated to serving the interests of companies that market and advertise their products and services in Canada. The association cuts across all products and service sectors and speaks on behalf of over 200 companies and divisions. Visit Site
  • Ad Server For Publishers. Admixer: A full-scale solution for impression monetization from direct ad sales and ad exchanges. Visit Site
  • Advertising Age: AdAge is a U.S.-based magazine for advertising agency and marketing industry news. They provide a free directory of major U.S. advertisers, agencies and advertising trends under their Datacenter. Visit Site
  • Adweek Magazine: A U.S.-based online magazine for the advertising and marketing industry. Visit Site
  • CARDonline: CARDonline is an essential tool for Canadian media buyers and planners. They provide critical advertising rates, data and media planning information for advertising, marketing, PR, and communications professionals. Visit Site
  • Chief Marketer Network: A U.S.-based website serving marketing professionals for both consumer and business-to-business purposes. They provide detailed information on marketing strategies, tactics and techniques. Visit Site
  • CMA – Canadian Marketing Association: The Canadian Marketing Association is the largest marketing association in Canada. Its members include corporations and organizations which encompass Canada’s major business sectors and which represent the integration and convergence of all marketing disciplines, channels, and technologies. Visit Site
  • Genuine Canadian Magazine: A Magazines Canada branding program that has members use a recognizable cover icon to highlight Canadian titles on the newsstand. Visit Site
  • Government of Canada Advertising Activities – Annual Reports: A list of annual reports providing information on the process used to manage Government of Canada advertising activities, expenditures and the major campaigns undertaken in the stated year. Published by Public Works and Government Services Canada. Visit Site
  • Industry Canada – Economic and Market Research/Statistics: A directory of market research. Visit Site
  • King, Nysha. “Making the Case for Diversity in Marketing and PR.” Forbes, Feb. 15, 2019. This article outlines how businesses can expand their reach in terms of authentic inclusion. Visit Site
  • Lamour, Tino, “SEO for publishers: 8 rules every magazine and newspaper publisher should know.” Purple, Jul. 27, 2020. Visit Site
  • Marketing and Sales Techniques by the Government of Canada: Focuses on the basics of marketing and on starting a business in general. Visit Site
  • Masthead – Find a Supplier: Provides a list of Canadian ad sale companies with contact information and location details. Visit Site
  • The Message: A Canadian marketing site with blog posts about trends in modern marketing. It includes a post called, “Dear Canadian advertising: There’s a difference between inclusion and tokenism”.  Visit Site
  • Majid, Aisha. “Charted: How has the UK consumer magazine industry evolved? Two decades of change.” Press Gazette, Aug. 25, 2022. Read Article
  • Morreale, Megan. “Paid Content Distribution: The Easy Guide.” Taboola, Apr. 12, 2017. Read Article
  • Strategy Magazine: A free Canadian magazine for the marketing industry. Visit Site
  • Vividata Reading Consumers: A Canadian organization that produces a syndicated study of single-source data on print readership, non-print media exposure, product usage, and lifestyles. Visit Site

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