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Audience Development & Distribution

Last checked March-April 2024 by Monty Young & Setav Kamal, Langara College Library & Information Technology practicum students.

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Audience Development

  • Banionis, Vee. “12 Content Strategies to Boost Reader Engagement.” Flip 180 Media, Apr. 2, 2019. Read Article
  • Hogarth, Mary. “‘See your audience as stakeholders’: how to build loyal readers.” What’s New in Publishing. Chapter 6 of “Business Strategies for Magazine Publishing.” Visit Site
  • Keywee. “Audience Development: The Building Blocks.” What’s New in Publishing, Feb. 2020. This article by Keywee reviews the hows and whys of planning for ways of reaching audiences. Read Post
  • “A Publisher’s Guide to Audience Development.” Upland Software. This blog post runs through the details of developing audiences and how to incorporate it into a marketing plan.  Read Post
  • “Online Magazines: How to Publish and Distribute Online Magazines and Showcase your Startup Expertise.” Faster Capital, Feb. 17, 2024. Visit Site
  • Scollans, Colleen. “Audience Strategy for Publishers and Associations.” Clarke & Esposito, Jul. 20, 2023. Read Article
  • “What is Audience Development.” Lotame, Feb. 17, 2020. Visit Site


  • Barton, Seamus. “What You Need to Know About Magazine Distribution.” Troi Mailing Services, Jan. 17, 2020. This article discusses circulation and distribution in the Canadian magazine industry. Read Article  
  • Canadian Mass Media Inc. (CMMI): A national marketer of periodicals and books. Visit Site
  • Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.: North America’s largest professional travel brochure distribution and display service, with over 21,000 visitor information display racks located throughout Western and Central United States and Western Canada. They also accept magazines.  Visit Site
  • Disticor Magazine Distribution Services: A Canadian-based national distributor of newsstand publications and the second largest national distributor in the USA. Visit Site
  • Magazines Canada – Distribution: A description of how MC exclusively distributes Canadian magazines to retailers. Visit Site
  • Shweiki, Gail. “Helpful Tips For Distributing Your Free Publication.” Shweiki Media. Discussions on what proper distribution takes and how to make it work for your publication. Read Article
  • Small Press Distribution: A U.S.-based non-profit distribution service specializing in literary and niche books and periodicals.  Visit Site
  • TNG: Formerly known as The News Group, TNG is the largest periodical wholesaler in North America and is also a member of the Jim Pattison Group of Companies. Visit Site
  • “Unique Places to Stock Your Magazine.” Issuu, Nov. 13, 2017. Read Post
  • Creative Export Canada: Apply to fund distribution in international markets. Visit Site


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