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Resources for Print Magazines

Last checked March-April 2024 by Monty Young & Setav Kamal, Langara College Library & Information Technology practicum students.


  • Alliance for Audited Media: AAM provides circulation data and collection tools. For and above clients including the periodical analyzer for U.S. and Canadian magazines.  Visit Site
  • BPA Worldwide: An international organization providing verified circulation audits, audience data & statistics, and market research (formerly CCAB). Visit Site
  • Magazines Canada – Distribution: Overview on how Magazines Canada promotes Canadian content via their distribution network. Visit Site


  • Amazon Associates: A partnership program with that pays a percentage on subscriptions sold through partner websites. Visit Site
  • Kable Media Services: A large U.S.-based subscription agency and direct marketing service. Visit Site
  • MagazineLine: A U.S.-based subscription agency providing access to magazine subscriptions in over 30 categories. Visit Site
  • A U.S.-based subscription agency specializing in online services. Visit Site
  • Synapse Group: A large U.S.-based general subscription agency for consumer magazines. Visit Site


  • Barcode Guide: A diagram showing Canadian magazine publishers how to correctly place a UPC code.  Visit Site
  • General Requirements for Applications in Offset Lithography: A U.S. task force formed to develop general guidelines and recommendations for quality colour printing.  Visit Site
  • The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress: CIP4 is a nonprofit German-based association that focuses on creating the standards to facilitate automation in the printing industry and to support education and marketing for those standards. Their primary focus is on the automated systems currently in use as well as a look into future advancements in the field.  Visit Site
  • Losowsky, Andrew. “The Return of Print.” Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, 5 Oct. 2018. On magazines and the printing industry. Visit Site
  • Magazine Printing Canada. Book Printing Vancouver: Custom, full-colour magazines printing services across the USA and Canada. Free designing services.  Visit Site
  • PrintCAN: A U.S.-based community site and discussion board for printers, graphic media and print services providers. Visit Site
  • Printing Industries of America: PIA provides a list of free resources for those associated with the printing industry. Based out of Washington. Visit Site
  • PrintPlanet: A U.S.-based community site and discussion board for printers, graphic media and print services providers. Visit Site
  • Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Bulletin – Bulletin PST 109: Printers and Publishers. Issued Oct. 2013; revised October 2022. Read Bulletin (pdf)
    Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Bulletin – Bulletin PST 205: Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Other Publications. Issued April 2013; revised March 2016.  Read Bulletin (pdf)
    Please check the bulletins to find out what you as a magazine publisher don’t need to pay PST on. This could include printing costs, artwork, photographs, etc.
  • Sanchez, Jessica. “What Paper Should You Print Your Magazine On.” Printing Center USA, Nov, 6, 2023. Read Article
  • Summerfield, Patti. Newspapers and magazines still have broad audiences in Canada.” Media in Canada, Jan. 23, 2023. This article discusses the results of a survey of reading habits of Canadians and their preferences for print and digital media. Visit Site
  • Send Publications. Canada Post on Publications Mail. Discounted rates for eligible magazines, newspapers and newsletters. Visit Site 
  • Specifications for Web Offset Publications: A U.S. group formed to promote specifications and tolerances for printing quality. SWOP provides specifications for everyone involved in graphic arts workflow. Visit Site
  • TC Transcontinental: The largest magazine printer in Canada. Visit Site

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