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Zoologist George McGavin and oceanologist Helen Czerski aboard a research vessel on the North Sea with a wind farm in the background

Ocean Autopsy

Oceanographer Helen Czerski and zoologist George McGavin reveal the startling ways that humans are changing our seas…K: Magazine, May/June 2022 p. 17

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Head and shoulder portrait of Ade Adepitan in a forest in eastern Australia after a devastating bush fire had passed through

Climate Change

Climate change is impacting the world in ways we’ve never seen before. A 3-part series on Knowledge Network. By Adi Adepitan. Began May 31, 2022

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Blue album cover with the words RANGE and Indie Karma on the left panel and a guitarist playing with one arm up in the air

Indie Karma

Indie Karma: Check out one of RANGE magazine’s curated playlists! This playlist contains 40 songs. Listen on Spotify

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Altered found object of a figurine of John A. MacDonald with a rope encased in plastic

Reason for Passion

“I am conflicted about the recent vandalism and destruction of colonial statues and churches in Northern Turtle Island.” By David Garneau for Rungh, Vol. 8, No. 4

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cover of Gavin Larson book, kneeling ballerina with hands stretched overhead and flowing long hair, rose-coloured dress

From Being a Ballerina

“I was lucky enough to sustain only two fractures during my career, but oddly, both were to my ribs.” The rib-cracking episode…From Being a Ballerina by Gavin Larson for DI

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Viking boat in silhouette on water against mountain backdrop

The Medicine of Belief

Before the existence of germ theory and the discovery of viruses, people in the past found different explanations… By Terje Oestigaard for Culturally Modified, Dec. 21, 2020, Issue 9

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The Missing Penguins

Investigative story on the disappearance of the penguins in Antarctica, by Raghav (detective), age 12. Illustrated by Reska Nasution. From BAZOOF! Magazine, issue 77, February 2022

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