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Last checked Nov. 15, 2022, by Michael Hua, Langara College Library & Information Technology practicum student

See also Resources for Digital Magazines and Resources for Print Magazines

  • Chan, Nathan. “The Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Digital Magazine From Scratch – How Foundr Build its Entrepreneur Magazine.” Foundr, May 16, 2019. This article lays out the process that Foundr decided to start their own digital magazine and what challenges they faced. Visit Site
  • “Hotsheets on Managing Magazines” by Magazines Canada. These one-page articles, or “hotsheets”, are prepared by Magazines Canada to help publishers manage their magazines. Each hotsheet is written by an expert in the field and delivers current information on a single topic. Visit Site
  • “How to Start a Magazine in 2021.” Issuu Blog, Jan. 1, 2021. Offers basic tips for starting a magazine. Visit Site
  • IPRC- Independent Publishing Resource Center: This Portland nonprofit provides resources and tools to create independently published media and artwork. IPCR’s mission has been dedicated to encouraging the growth of a visual and literary publishing community by offering a space to gather and exchange information and ideas, as well as to produce work. Visit Site
  • Chickering, Talius. “How to Market Your Nonprofit in 2022.” Issuu Blog, 21 Apr. 2022 Visit Site
  • Asana: Project management tool. Stay organized and connected Bring your team’s work together in one shared space. Choose the project view that suits your style, and collaborate no matter where you are. Visit Site
  • Monday: Bring teams together to drive business impact. Streamline your work for maximum productivity.
    Collaborate effectively organization-wide to get a clear picture of all your work. Stay in the loop with easy-to-use automations and real-time notifications. Visit Site
  • Keeping Records Canada: Canada Revenue Agency provides an outline for businesses engaging in commercial activity on keeping records. It includes readable forms as well as requirements, location of records, and retention/destruction of records. Visit Site
  • Legal Deposit Program by Library and Archives Canada: Canadian publishers and producers are responsible for depositing their materials through the legal deposit program under the Library and Archives of Canada Act. Visit Site
  • is a U.S.-based portal site connecting the leading vendors and consultants with thousands of publishing professionals and entrepreneurs who start consumer, trade, special interest, and organizational magazines every year. Visit Site
  • Milanote: Milanote is a note-taking web-based software that allows you to create visual boards for your projects. It also includes real-time collaboration for those working remotely. Visit Site
  • Notion: Notion offers its users the tools to create and store their tables, databases, and pages into one workspace. Visit Site
  • Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Bulletin – Bulletin PST 109: Printers and Publishers. Issued Oct. 2013; revised March 2018. Read Bulletin (pdf)


Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Bulletin – Bulletin PST 205: Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Other Publications. Issued April 2013; revised June 2016.  Read Bulletin (pdf)

Please check the bulletins to find out what you as a magazine publisher don’t need to pay PST on. This could include printing costs, artwork, photographs, etc.

  • Preceden: A timeline tool for project management and mapping.  Visit Site
  • Publishing FAQs: A list of FAQs for people interested in starting a magazine, from a U.S.-based publishing consultancy group. Visit Site
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