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Rungh has its roots in a magazine of the same name which published as a South Asian quarterly of culture, comment and criticism from 1992 to 2000.

Founded by Zool Suleman and Sherazad Jamal, the magazine was a pioneer in its cross/multi-disciplinary approach, which, while rooted in identity politics, also looked beyond identity in its scope. Operating as a non-profit society with a national Advisory Board, Rungh played a key role in defining what South Asian culture meant in Canada during the 1990s and beyond.

Re-launched in September 2017, the new Rungh project is committed to revisiting these past conversations within a context-sensitive to past influences/dialogues and refreshing them and nesting them within the inter-sectional cultural contexts of the present.

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Contact: Zool Suleman, Editor
Address: PO Box 66046 Station F, Vancouver, BC V5N 5L4
Email: info@rungh.org
Phone: 604-788-3372

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