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Ricepaper Magazine

Ricepaper Magazine is a Vancouver-based Canadian magazine which has showcased Asian Canadian literature, culture, and the arts since 1994.

“We’re a literary magazine.” Ricepaper publishes new poetry, fiction, drama, graphic novels, translation, and almost every other kind of creative writing from across the country.

“We’re an arts magazine.” Ricepaper publishes cultural reviews of books, theatre and film. They also publish original art and photography.

“We’re a magazine about people.” The body of work coming from Asian Canadian artists and writers is prolific and growing. Ricepaper profiles and interviews the leading and up-and-coming artists and writers in this community.

At the same time, they invite Asian writers and other creators around the world to contribute content. Canada is a land of many cultures. A story outside its borders can be as relatable as one found on the inside.

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Contact: Allan Cho, Executive Editor
Address: PO Box 74174, Centre Point Mall PO, Vancouver, BC V5T 4E7

To read more about Ricepaper and the magazine’s executive editor Allan Cho, click here.