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three cross-country skiers moving on a wide, open, snow-covered path through a forested area

Forest Breathing

Western Canada’s winter forests are a perfect place to recharge and restore yourself. By Marla Barr for ZenSeekers, December 22, 2021

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cover of Gavin Larson book, kneeling ballerina with hands stretched overhead and flowing long hair, rose-coloured dress

From Being a Ballerina

“I was lucky enough to sustain only two fractures during my career, but oddly, both were to my ribs.” The rib-cracking episode…From Being a Ballerina by Gavin Larson for DI

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Young woman with red hair sitting casually on a ledge with buildings behind her


A new app focused on disability inclusion lends a helping hand to people looking for connection. By YAM – about NOMI app creator, Christie Faye Collins.

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Viking boat in silhouette on water against mountain backdrop

The Medicine of Belief

Before the existence of germ theory and the discovery of viruses, people in the past found different explanations… By Terje Oestigaard for Culturally Modified, Dec. 21, 2020, Issue 9

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street view of a family home with modern, clean lines and a low horizontal wood fence, flanked by two mature trees

Structural strategy

Many times, when building a home or doing a renovation, the owner opts to not use an architect, instead relying on a designer and/or contractor. By Shannon Moneo for Spruce.

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A display of car paint colours, including greys, blues, greens, and more unusual colours.

Automotive Colours

Car colours can be influenced by trends in fashion, interior design, and many other factors. By Eli Greenbaum for Collision Quarterly, Winter 2021.

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Flat rural area with fencing, gravel road and trees in distance, the picture having grey overlays to frame parts. Credit Michel Huneault.

With a View

A photo essay by Michel Huneault for Geist. Border photography on the 45th parallel, between Lakes Champlain and Memphremagog, an area shared by Québec and the state of Vermont.

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DL Acken in sea with arms up

The Cold Water Cure

A personal story on healing and connection through swimming in the Salish Sea by DL Acken for FOLKLIFE Volume 4. 2021. Plus a poem by Georgia Acken, aged 13

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