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Mental Health

Last checked April 9, 2024, by Setav Kamal, Langara College Library & Information Technology practicum student

The Basics

  • Canadian Mental Health Association. “Fast Facts about Mental Illness.” CMHA, Jul. 19, 2021.  Read Article
  • Government of Canada. “About Mental Health.” Jun. 22, 2020. Describes mental health in general terms and gives advice on how to take care of your general mental health. Read Article
  • Homewood Health. “Understanding Depression.” Homewood Health is a Canadian company specializing in offering mental health and addiction services. Read Article
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness. “Common with Mental Illness.” Offers a more in-depth course on mental illness to those who have family members who are dealing with mental illness. Their site also offers more accessible definitions of the main types of mental illnesses that are suffered by the general public, what the symptoms are of those mental illnesses are, so you can recognize them yourself. Read Article
  • National Institute of Mental Health. “Schizophrenia.” May 2023. Visit Site

Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Government of B.C. “Workplace Mental Health.” Feb 7, 2024. Strategies and resources for managing mental health in the workplace. Visit Site
  • “Mental Health Concerns Impact the Workplace.” Manulife, Jan. 3, 2024. Visit Site
  • Omotayo, Abisola. “Accommodating Mental Health-Breaking down the Stigma.” BC Human Rights Clinic, Oct. 29, 2018. Read Article
  • Wellness Matters. “Wellness Matters: How to Promote Mental Health in the Workplace.” BCBusiness, Aug. 24, 2018. Previously published by BCLiving.  Read Article
  • OSH Fact Sheet, “Mental Health – How to Address and Support.”  Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, May 25, 2022. A fact sheet on how employers can support employees in the workplace. Includes a section on other resources for help. Read Fact Sheet

Mental Health in Publishing

  • “Mental Wellness Resources for Canadian Writers and Their Families.” Mental Wellness Resources for Canadian Writers and Their Families | Writers’ Trust of CanadaVisit Site
  • Hartman, Liz. “Reading to Save Lives: Publishing and Mental Health.” Publisher’s Weekly, Aug. 3, 2018.  Read Article
  • Christina Thatcher Creative Writing Lecturer. “Writing Can Improve Mental Health – Here’s How.” The Conversation, 17 June 2021. Read Article
  • Reese, April, “How Editors Can Support Writers with Mental Health Conditions.” The Open Notebook, Feb. 2. 2021. Visit Site
  • Sullivan, Katie. “Mental Health for Writers.” TCK Publishing. Read Article
  • Wood, Heloise. “Authors urge publishers to ‘give space’ to mental health.” The Bookseller, Nov. 25, 2019. Read Article

More Resources