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Sexual Abuse & Discrimination in the Literary Community

Last checked March-April 2024 by Monty Young & Setav Kamal, Langara College Library & Information Technology practicum students.

The Basics

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  • Carter, Sue. “Q&Q’s Sexual-Harassment Survey: What Are Our Next Steps?” Quill & Quire, Apr. 22, 2019. Read Article
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A Deeper Dive

  • Flood, Alison. “Sexism in Publishing: ‘My Novel Wasn’t the Problem, It Was Me, Catherine.’” The Guardian, Aug. 6, 2015. Read Article
  • Goodyear, Sheena. “Maria Campbell’s account of being raped by a Mountie was scrubbed from her memoir Halfbreed.” CBC Radio, Jun. 1, 2018. Read Article
  • “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Is an ‘Epidemic,’ Says Human Resources Survey.” OHS Canada Magazine, Apr. 12, 2018. Read Article
  • “The Facts About Sexual Assault and Harassment.” Canadian Women’s Foundation, Nov. 22, 2022. Visit Site
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  • Toth, Stephanie, “Women in Canadian Publishing: Gender Equity in the Canadian Publishing Industry.” 2021. A thesis on women in publishing dealing with sexual harassment, the wage gap and circumscribed advancement. Read Thesis



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