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Charitable Tax Status

Last checked February 28, 2023, by Aliya Nurani, Langara College Library & Information Technology practicum student

  • Charitable Status Application Form: A link to the Canada Revenue Agency application form for obtaining charitable status. Visit Site
  • Charity Central: This website gives information for charity businesses in terms of the Income Tax Act and keeping the business transparent. It is based in Alberta but does have federal information. Visit Site
  • CharityVillage: Canadian nonprofit sector’s largest online resource for recruiting, news and information. Offers courses, articles, webinars and podcasts. Visit Site
  • Guidelines for Registering a Charity: A list of guidelines from the Canada Revenue Agency for obtaining charitable status. Visit Site
  • Imagine Canada: This website reviews the major aspects of running a charity in Canada, along with steps to get accreditation. Visit Site
  • “Implications of Becoming a Charity.” Being registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) brings certain benefits to an organization but also several challenges and regulatory obligations. Visit Site
  • “Charitable Impact – Search Any Charity in Canada.” Charitable Impact – Search Any Charity In Canada. Discover Canadian charities that you might be interested in and learn more about what they do. Visit Site
  • “Tax Benefits of Charitable Donations.” 2022 TurboTax® Canada Tips, 23 Feb. 2022, Canada has a generous tax credit system for donors to charities. Visit Site

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